Welcome to the Digital Boost Alliance Aotearoa.

Our members work to motivate and inspire small businesses, communities and individuals to lift their use and knowledge of digital technology by providing free, discounted or subsidised digital offers

Become a member
Become a member
Walk alongside others businesses who are committed to helping SME’s, communities and individuals achieve more digitally.
I am interested in learning more about the commitments members have made
I am interested in learning more about the commitments members have made
Explore the free, discounted or subsidised digital offers from Alliance members to help boost the digital capabilities within your business.
Current Digital Trends
Current Digital Trends
Our members are committed to sharing knowledge and insights to the digital capability of our nation.

Learn the digital skills you need to boost your business and abilities

Maybe you've ended up here because you want to improve your digital ability – either for yourself or for your business.

That's where the Digital Boost Educate platform comes in with free self-paced digital courses, interactive workshops, Q&A sessions, digital offers and free helpdesk support.

Regardless of your skill level or what you want to learn, you can find it all on the Digital Boost Educate website.

Sign up for free training now and find out how the Alliance works with the Digital Boost Educate team to help increase digital adoption across Aotearoa.


Together we can achieve scale and real impact that is greater than the sum of our separate parts.

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You're in good company

Our movement includes key players in our digital economy who want Aotearoa to become a high performing digital nation faster. The broader the alliance of organisations and partners that join us, the greater the reach, influence and impact we can make.

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