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The Warehouse Group - Community

Proud to be part of the Digital Boost Alliance Aotearoa

The Warehouse Group

The Warehouse Group is a New Zealand success story founded by Sir Stephen Tindall and evolving from a single The Warehouse store to become the country's largest general merchandise retailer. Their brands include The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, Noel Leeming, Torpedo7 and The Market. The Warehouse Group is known for being Here for Good - it’s who they are and what keeps them focused on succeeding. It represents their commitment to better living for all New Zealanders through sustainable retail products and practices and the mission of contributing to the long-lasting health of our planet.

Digital Boost Alliance commitment

The Warehouse Group is proud to be an Alliance member by ensuring convenient access to affordable digital tools, a wide range of general office solutions and are committed to supporting NZ communities and businesses flourish. The Warehouse Group is committed to offering the following support as part of the Digital Boost Alliance Initiative: 

AoG IT & Tech:A member of the AoG IT & Tech panel

NZDF:A member of the NZDF syndication panel

Manaiakalani Education:Supporting Manaiakalani Education Trust to enable students and their whānau to access their learning anywhere, anytime and at any place.

Supporting schools:Supporting schools with their digital strategy will help them define the why, what and how.

Charity partnership:Partnering with seven national charities focusing on healthy homes, mental health, education, growing communities and family violence.

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