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Proud to be part of the Digital Boost Alliance Aotearoa

Chorus is New Zealand's largest telecommunications infrastructure company. It maintains and builds a network predominantly made up of local telephone exchanges, street-side cabinets, and copper and fibre cables. Chorus offers wholesale access to its network to the 100 or so broadband providers in New Zealand. These retailers then sell broadband and voice plans and packages to residential and business customers.

Digital Boost Alliance commitment 

Chorus believes a digital world offers plenty of opportunity for Aotearoa and a fibre network can enable our transition to be a more sustainable nation. However, they recognise inequality will increase if the infrastructure is built without strengthening the digital capability of individuals, communities, and businesses. Chorus will be a champion of digital futures. Chorus is committed to offering the following support as part of the Digital Boost Alliance initiative: 

Champion of digital futures : They will continue to collaborate with the government and industry to strive for digital equity. They are already part of the Ministry of Education COVID-10 response initiative providing free student connections to families who did not have a connection. 

Digital capability and inclusion : They’ll continue to support not-for-profits and other organisations focused on digital capability and inclusion, including $250,000 of donations in 2021 and their Challenge Accepted programme which highlights the skills gap and organisations available to support people to improve their digital skills. As part of their 50 community Shine the Light events, they connected with people to talk about the motivations for getting online and who is available in their local community to support them so they can feel confident online.

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