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He waka eke noa!
We are all in this together!

Let's collaborate together to create a better future

Improved access to technology, expertise, advice, support and services will enable our people, businesses and communities to live, work and thrive in a growing digital world.

So, let’s achieve this. Collaborating across government and in the business sector means we can brainstorm, coordinate and amplify our efforts to drive productivity in a way that benefits everyone- because when you look at the big picture you see that we’re all in this together

How it works?

Working together
Working together

The Alliance was established to help members develop commitments that will collectively drive digital acceleration in Aotearoa. The website gives members an opportunity to communicate their commitments to businesses and individuals, and to work together as a group helping to bridge the digital divide.

Sharing together
Sharing together

Regular workshops are facilitated by the Alliance and feature people who are experts in areas that have been identified as priorities. These voluntary workshops are designed to encourage members to share ideas and knowledge and make recommendations to the Governance Group for consideration.

Supporting together
Supporting together

Members devote their time and effort to the Alliance and provide joint financial support to ensure the programme is successful. The Governance Group sets the appropriate membership investment to ensure it is accessible, and ensures that the joint efforts are well funded and successful.

Alliance members are not required to disclose any commercially sensitive information prior to public announcements of any such initiatives.

Governance Board

Governance Board

The Digital Boost Alliance Board is a team of experienced, talented and diverse professionals whose mission is to help businesses and individuals across Aotearoa lift their use of digital technologies.

The Board consists of eight members representing the following sectors:

  • Connectivity
  • Banking sector
  • Digital accounting/finance
  • Technology (Hardware or software)
  • Cloud-based digital platform
  • Education and training
  • Retail
  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME)

Professional and administrative support for the Board is provided by the Technology Users Association of New Zealand (TUANZ) and the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Meet our Governance Board

The Governance Board will meet twice a year and is responsible for the strategic direction of the Alliance as well as agreeing to any major initiatives to meet the vision. It will oversee the membership model and provide financial oversight to the operations of the Alliance.

  • Dom Pringle

    Dom Pringle

    ANZ Modern Work Leader


  • Frances Valintine

    Frances Valintine

    Education & Training


  • Brigid Gibson

    Brigid Gibson

    Banking Sector


  • Greg Clark

    Greg Clark



  • Caroline Rainsford

    Caroline Rainsford

    Cloud Based Digital Platform


  • Jonathan Waecker

    Jonathan Waecker

    Retail - Digital Focus

    The Warehouse Group

  • Caroline Rawlinson

    Caroline Rawlinson

    Business Management


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