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Findex: gain back a day a week by digitising your business systems and processes

News > Findex: gain back a day a week by digitising your business systems and processes
Findex: gain back a day a week by digitising your business systems and processes

Findex: gain back a day a week by digitising your business systems and processes

Whether it’s accounting, payroll, scheduling, timesheets, job management, payment collection or business reporting, it’s more important than ever for your business to have digital systems and processes that talk to each other. 


If you’re faced with increasing pressure to meet deadlines, manage teams and maintain business cash flow, read on for advice from Findex about how digitising your systems and processes can help you run a streamlined and compliant business. This spotlight blog also covers what you need to consider when selecting digital systems for your business. 


What are the benefits of digitising your business? 


Digitised systems require your business data to be stored in the cloud. This gives business owners access to their information at any time and on any device and means the data is secure from any physical damage and able to be integrated with other systems. Other benefits of implementing a digital system in your business are: - Profitability reports by job to help you track against budget. - Mobile time tracking of staff so paper job cards are no longer required. - Digital scheduling of staff so no job gets missed. - Quoting through to invoicing all in one place. - All systems talk to each other which helps avoid double-entry of information. - Health & Safety compliance to reduce the risk of non-compliance. 


What to consider when choosing digital solutions for your business ?

With a huge array of digital solutions available, one of the biggest blockers for a business owner is knowing where to start. It’s important to base your purchase decision on more than price and consider: - Your business requirements. - The functionality of the software. - How much time that piece of software can save you. - How easy it is for you to use. - What support is in place for you and your team. Findex has helped hundreds of Kiwi businesses implement digital systems ! Spotlight article infographic.jpg Our business advisers have excellent industry knowledge of the systems available and can help you identify the pros and cons of each system and guide you through the selection and implementation process in a streamlined manner with little disruption to the business. > Integrated digital systems and solutions can help you get admin work completed faster and efficiently delegate more tasks to the team. From our experience working with businesses, we have seen streamlined processes enabled by digital systems help increase profits and save some business owners up to one day a week of administration work. – Nigel Smellie, Findex Partner – Business Advisory


Why Findex joined the Digital Alliance?

 The vision of the Digital Alliance aligns well with the beliefs of Findex and provides a platform for us to assist businesses along their digital journey.Technology and systems play an integral part of business advisory. The information and data that can be extracted and analysed by implementing the correct systems provides valuable insights into how a business is performing. #### How Findex is helping accelerate the use of digital tech in NZ Gone are the days when digital consulting for businesses was about identifying an appropriate accounting system. Quality digital business advisory is now about understanding the business from end to end and being able to deliver software and systems to streamline the process as much as possible. Findex understands the importance technology and software plays in Kiwi business success, this is why we have a dedicated team of experts who can review and analyse a business’ current processes and systems, identify areas for improvement and implement solutions. 


Findex’s commitments to the Alliance

Findex is committed to offering the following support as part of the Digital Boost Alliance initiative: Take advantage of the offer of a free 1-hour system health check session to assess if the existing systems are fit for purposes.

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