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Digital Boost makes a difference

Digital Boost makes a difference

Digital Boost is making a real difference to Kiwi businesses!

In-depth evaluation research into Digital Boost has shown the platform is playing a major role in helping business owners acquire the digital skills they need to succeed and make their businesses more sustainable.


Many of the businesses surveyed said being more digitally capable was having a positive effect on business outcomes like revenue.


They also reported feeling more optimistic about their businesses and said they had changed how they now use internal and external digital tools.

Most respondents said they viewed Digital Boost in a positive light and were using the platform more regularly – 53% of Digital Boost businesses visited the platform at least once a month.


About 32,000 businesses or potential businesses (and 55,000 people) were registered with Digital Boost by the end of August 2022.


Other key findings in the research project were:

  • 39 percent of those who used the learning platform on a weekly basis reported increased revenue.
  • 28 percent of those who had been using Digital Boost for more than a year reported increased revenue.
  • More longer-term Digital Boost users showed an increase in digital capability with 62% of Digital Boost users now believe their business is digitally capable.
  • 79 percent would recommend Digital Boost to others.
  • 89 percent of all Digital Boost users say they intend to continue using the platform.
  • 80 percent of Digital Boost businesses now have a website.


Of the impacts businesses attributed to Digital Boost, the largest positive increases were:

  • Customer interest 
  • Business resilience 
  • Revenue increases.

The feedback revealed a need for Digital Boost to continue expanding what it offers to businesses, while keeping the platform easy to use.


You can access the full report here.

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