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RimuHosting has been providing hassle free hosting services to over 13,000 customers since 2003. Based out of Cambridge, they operate globally with data centres in NZ, Australia, the USA, and Europe. RimuHosting provide hosting services through their targeted service brands: - [Hosting](https://woop.host) for affordable, fast, secure WordPress hosting. - [Email](https://25mail.st) email hosting so organisations can use their own domain name in their email addresses (not Gmail or Outlook). - [VPS](https://launchtimevps.com/) hosting service for clients that want full control over their websites. - [Pingability](https://pingability.com/) to monitor websites 24x7 and alert if there is a problem. - [Zonomi](https://zonomi.com) to manage all those IP addresses, email and other DNS records. - [Backup](https://bakop.com) for clients needing to safely store their backups ‘off site’ on secure storage (and in a location they choose). RimuHosting is an employee-owned business. The GM, Peter Bryant, says “Our business is a collection of people who enjoy working with technology. We get to use that knowledge and our skills to provide services that help our clients. ‘Being useful’ gives us a sense of pride and instils meaning in our work." To achieve the maximum impact, RimuHosting leverages its people and their hosting services to help groups serve their community and fulfil their missions. Bryant says, “This lets us be more than an organisation that mails out a cheque, rather we get to be involved in the communities we are helping.”

Digital Boost Alliance commitment

RimuHosting is committed to offering the following support as part of the Digital Boost Alliance initiative: 

-Deep discounts on services, up to 90% per month.

-One off credit on signup to help with bootstrapping a digital presence. 

-Advice and professional services. RimuHosting welcomes partnership enquiries from digital agencies. Where the agency is doing an aligned project for their client, we can apply our community discounts to that service. Partnerships with agencies make it possible to reach and help more people, which increases how useful RimuHosting’s hosting platform and people can be. To apply and for more information visit our site

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