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CERT NZ - Growth

Proud to be part of the Digital Boost Alliance Aotearoa

CERT NZ is the government agency working to build New Zealand’s cyber resilience among businesses, organisations and individuals. They do this by providing help and advice to those affected by cyber security incidents, collating a profile of the threat landscape in New Zealand, and publishing information and advice on how to avoid and mitigate cyber-attacks. They use their access to privileged information from international cyber security partners to support their mission.

Digital Boost Alliance commitment 

With cyber attackers becoming more sophisticated and prevalent in the world, and more New Zealanders moving to operate online, the threat to New Zealand businesses is growing. It’s important that New Zealanders have the tools and skills to operate successfully in the modern digital world, and part of that is having the cyber security policies, procedures and practices in place. CERT NZ is committed to offering the following support as part of the Digital Boost Alliance initiative: 

Cybersecurity courses : Cert NZ is offering their technical skills to the[ Digital Boost Educate programme](www.digitalboost.co.nz) to build a comprehensive library of cyber security advice to assist small to medium businesses feel confident trading and transacting online.

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