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Proud to be part of the Digital Boost Alliance Aotearoa

ASB is excited to be involved in the Digital Boost Alliance, pledging its support to help to promote a digital Aotearoa and grow the digital economy. ASB is proud of its history of innovation, including being the first bank to introduce Kiwis to online banking, and is committed to continually evolving as a business to meet the ever changing, and increasingly digital needs of its customers. This includes helping its customers, in financial and non-financial ways, to succeed and to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Digital Boost Alliance Commitment 

There is no question digital is the way of the future and ASB is excited to be part of the change and bring its more than one million customers along on this journey. ASB pledges its support to promote a digital Aotearoa and grow our digital economy. ASB continues to invest in new digital technology to innovate for our customers and our communities. For example, we recently partnered with the Starship Foundation to launch the new Village app to provide mental health support to young NZers, we have invested in TradeWindow which uses blockchain technology to help NZ exporters and we use biometric technology to help people join ASB from their mobile phone. We are also training our people in new skills like cloud, agile, data and human centred design – all critical skills for advancing the digital agenda in Aotearoa. ASB is committed to offering the following support as part of the Digital Boost Alliance initiative.

Support for Business

Access to ASB Business Hub : The ASB Business Hub offers businesses the latest business insights, tips and tools. It is a one stop shop for practical tips and ideas to help customers/Kiwis start, run and grow their small business including of course, going and growing digitally. Customers can keep up to date with resources to help manage cashflow with seasonal demand, sustainable business practices, COVID-19 and any other Government business support, useful templates and special partner offers. The ASB Business Hub also collates the latest news providing customers with business insights from ASB experts, weekly economic updates and recording of webinars sharing a wealth of knowledge. ASB is committed to the ongoing development of the ASB Business Hub and roll-out of additional support for business. 

Backing Business ASB Events Series : We're committed to developing specialist business workshops with experts to provide practical and tailored tips and tools to New Zealand businesses of all sizes. In 2021, we ran more than 15 Backing Business events attended virtually by over 1,000 business owners. 

Support for Individuals 

Improved digital experiences : Continuing to help customers by making their digital banking transactions even more accessible and easier to use. Offering digital tools and insights to help customers get one step ahead, for example: 

• Financial Wellbeing Hub: helps customers to understand their financial behaviours and take steps to improve their financial wellbeing. 

• Two-To-Sign Online: joint account holders can approve payments online without visiting a branch. 

• ASB ID: use a current eligible e-passport to prove your identity, saving a trip to the branch. 

Helping to connect customers to timely guidance and advice, both digitally and in-person. Support for vulnerable and older customers to transition to digitalm: Recognising the transition to digital can be challenging for some customers, ASB will provide increased support in the form of: 

• Community Bankers – Local Community Bankers connect with support agencies to provide access to banking services for vulnerable or isolated customers. 

• Better Banking Workshops - Continue to run national Better Banking workshops in partnership with Age Concern to help the transition to digital products. 

• A priority 0800 number for customers over 65 years to help guide them through digital banking. 

Access to training and support: Continuing to: 

• Grow the library of how to get things done digitally, on the How-to hub on 

• Enhance the customer service chat bot Josie so she is able to help with even more conversations. Josie helps answer customers’ everyday banking questions with automated responses at any time of the day.