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Proud to be part of the Digital Boost Alliance Aotearoa

Zeald is New Zealand’s largest, most-experienced website design and digital transformation agency for SME businesses. For 20 years Zeald has specialised in eCommerce and web development, helping more than 15,000 small to medium-sized businesses transform online. Following the seismic shift to digital last year, Zeald re-engineered itself to deliver greater digital support and capability for micro, small and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) and communities who find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide across Aotearoa.

Digital Boost Alliance commitment

 The past 12 months saw a seismic shift in buyer behaviour to online, with e-commerce growing at an unprecedented rate. Five years of digital change happened in a single year with more than $26 trillion of trading done online, globally. The need for digital commerce is a necessity, and it’s growing exponentially. When New Zealand first went into lockdown, many businesses had no capability to trade online, or to operate digitally. In response, we launched our Get Ecommerce Movement - the GEM initiative - offering free ecommerce websites to Kiwi businesses. As e-commerce pioneers and digital transformation specialists, we wanted to use our 20-year expertise to support micro, small and medium-sized (MSME) businesses to start trading online and to begin their digital journeys, to survive and thrive beyond Covid. We know the biggest barriers to SMEs getting started online are: cost, time, and know-how. GEM addresses these by offering ecommerce for free, with a free website build, free hosting for 12 months, and access to ongoing digital advice, coaching and support. The GEM initiative has grown, becoming a permanent fixture at Zeald - and we continue to give away free GEM websites every week.

The commitment

Since March 2020, we have given away nearly 1000 GEM websites. We know these websites work for Kiwi small business owners, giving them an opportunity to get started online that they otherwise wouldn’t have had. Having reengineered our business to deliver GEM websites free - with the ability to deliver at speed, volume and scale - as a Digital Boost Alliance member we have committed to offering the following:

Independent MSME Businesses:Free GEM ecommerce and lead-generation websites to independent Kiwi small businesses, micro businesses (‘side-hustles’) and charities - every week and ongoing - with a free website build and setup, free hosting for 12 months, and reduced, low-cost hosting thereafter. 

Industry Collaboration and Development: To work in collaboration with industry groups to develop bespoke, integrated, ecommerce and website solutions using our GEM model and capabilities. Zeald is committed to supporting whole industries to transform digitally with ecommerce, offering tailored, free, e-commerce websites and digital support to their businesses, to start online and do digital well.

Corporate and Value-add Brand Partnerships: Partnering and working with corporates or brands to provide a value-add proposition for their customers, clients or members, by offering bespoke, integrated, ecommerce solutions and GEM websites to them for free. 


The Offer

The GEM website offer to independent Kiwi MSME business owners:

Free website build and setup and free hosting for the first 12 months. Following the conclusion of the initial 12 month period, a hosting fee applies. For ecommerce sites, this is calculated at 2% of online revenue per month, capped at $97+GST per month. For lead-generation or charity sites the monthly hosting fee is $9.99+GST.

Ecommerce, lead-generation or charity websites, depending on the products or services that you offer.

Access to further digital advice, coaching and support, to assist with the ongoing digitisation of the business. Offer available to retail, wholesale/distribution, hospitality, service industries, trades and charities. For further details, or to apply visit GEM website. The bespoke GEM ecommerce solution to transform whole industries by:

1. Working in consultation and collaboration with an industry body or association to understand the industry’s specific digital needs 

2. Designing a uniquely tailored solution to meet those digital needs 

3. Pre-developing an integrated ecommerce solution for the industry 

4. Then offering tailored websites to all businesses in the industry for free.

 The corporate or brand partnership value-add offer: Using the GEM model, we will work with you to create a bespoke, integrated, e-commerce solution as a value-add proposition you can offer your clients, customers or members, for free. 

For independent MSME business enquiries regarding a free GEM ecommerce or lead- generation website please contact: GEM Delivery Team  Or, to discuss tailored ecommerce solutions for specific industries or partnerships, please contact: David Kelly, Chairman and co-Founder, Zeald

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